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Alicia C, has been singing gospel music since she was a teenager, and she’s only growing better with time. She is nominated for The Pearl Awards in the category Female Artist of the Year! Armed with a powerfully anointed and compelling voice she’s been ministering to audiences throughout the United States and the world with her signature sound and is currently poised to take it to another level. Her continual collaborations with renowned 2-time Grammy-nominated producer, Kenny Black – the Music Machine continues to bear fruit. 
 Alicia’s more recent offerings include the spiritually uplifting and bubbly, Just the Way You Are, and the utterly moving single, More - a heart-felt expression of abiding and triumphant faith in the midst of every circumstance. That very theme continues in the midst of tumultuous times, as God’s Voice, Alicia’s latest single, speaks volumes to all who would listen. God is indeed speaking, and we all need to listen to what He has to say.  God’s Voice is available now in all online stores.

"I believe in the power of love; that it’s
the most powerful and transforming force there is. God is Love, and it’s from this revelation that all my music flow. My hope is that having heard it, you’re left wanting just
a little bit more of Him."
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